Favourite Natural Deodorants & How To Make The Switch

A client and I were chatting prior to her session and I was awkward emily telling her about how good my deodorant smelled. This is a personal training client, so we don’t typically talk about beauty/skincare products during our sessions because, gotta get that work in. However, this deodorant smells REALLY good and I couldn’t not share. From this I learned two things, she was totally interested in learning more about the why behind natural deodorant/what I currently use for myself and secondly that talking about how good your deodorant smells is a pretty good way to start a conversation. Ok but in all seriousness, this conversation inspired this post and sharing whats in my bathroom drawer at the moment.

But before I share, here is WHY it is so important to make the switch to natural deodorant and natural beauty products in general.

  • Our skin is our largest organ and we must take care of it, just as we would take care of our other organs
  • As the largest organ, your skin absorbs up to 60% of the ingredients you place on it
  • Within as little 26 seconds ingredients have entered your bloodstream
  • Many of the toxic ingredients found in mainstream beauty products can be directly linked to:
    • skin conditions and irritation
    • hormonal dysfunction (ladies listen up!)
    • impaired liver and other vital organ function
    • tumors and cancers

If we really truly want to be healthy, live well and function at our best, it is so important to be mindful and take care of our body on the inside AND the outside.

When we make the decision to switch to natural beauty products we are also helping to reduce the demand for production of toxic chemicals which means fewer toxins being released into our ecosystem and being disposed into our water and on our land. Which really means cleaner air and water for our future generations. Shall I throw it out there and just say, think of the kids! Because it is true, the choices we make now really will affect our future selves and I know I want the very best for my kiddo’s (when I have some lol).

To make it really simple and easy, try to not put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. Why? because when we put toxic chemicals on our skin, it doesn’t get the pleasure of going through the digestive process that attempts to rid our body of the gross stuff we put into it.

I’ve been using natural deodorant for over six years and have been replacing my old non-toxic products in for natural products ever since. Replacing old toxic products can also be a bit stressful, so start small! Gradually start to replace your beauty products and you will soon have a beautiful collection of natural products that you can feel good about!

And now to the featured images of natural deo! with a brief review of what I like and dislike about them.

I will start of course with the REALLY good smelling deodorant.

Schmidt’s Bergamont + Lime

This deodorant smells amazing. In fact, all of their products smell like you could eat or drink them.  They have a new Coconut Pineapple Sensitive Skin stick that I’m dying to try… especially if you know how much I love coconut AND pineapple. I’d rate this as my number #1 natural deo at the moment.

What I love

  • Certified Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Gluten-free
  • Completely plant-based & scented with essential oils and without any artificial fragrances
  • Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates
  • The ingredient list is very short, easy to read and all natural, less is more!
  • Out of all my natural deo’s I find it lasts all day – however keep in mind, I don’t typically need much deodorant. So this may vary depending on your body
  • It, of course, smells out of this world good

What I dislike

  • It does not glide as well as I’d like, which is typical of natural deodorants

Where you can find it

Online, most any natural foods/product stores should carry it, and if you are in Canada I have found it at Loblaws with a good variety of choices. I have not seen it at Whole Foods, but this all depends on location.


Jason’s Calming Lavender

What I love the most about this natural deodorant is that it GLIDES baby which makes it my #2. It glides on super well and I like the lavender as a more calming choice of deodorant. Great if you want a little extra relaxation before hitting yin yoga.

What I love

  • Vegan & contains no Aluminum, Parabens, Phthalates or Propylene Gylcol
  •  Natural ingredients – Zinc Ricinoleate, Corn Starch and Baking Soda neutralize odor while Grapefruit Seed Extract, known for its antimicrobial properties, helps fight odor-causing bacteria
  • The lavender and Vitamin E most definitely leave your underarms feeling soft and clean feeling
  • Glides on WELL… doesn’t feel rough when you apply! Although I recommend doing a gentle wipe if you put too much on so it doesn’t collect your clothing fuzz

What I dislike

  • It says all day protection, however, I find that I definitely need to reapply after exercise again.. or just part way through the day if you want to keep the lavender fresh smells going on
  • Not certified vegan, gluten or cruelty-free, however, they do commit to creating ethical products that are safe for us and our environment. They commit to no animal testing and use all natural ingredients

Where you can find it

Super easy to find! I have found Jason products at Whole Foods, most health food stores that carry beauty products and even Walmart.


Nourish Organic Lavender Mint

What I love most about this natural deodorant is that it is also 100% certified organic! Although all of what I love about it would really make it more of a #2 natural deo for me, but I’d still personally rank it as #3 just because Jason’s glides on so well. It also smells super good.

What I love

  • 100% Natural, USDA-Certified Organic
  • 100% Chemical Free & Cruelty-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Easy to read ingredient list
  • It’s definitely nourishing and gentle on the skin
  • Smells really good & isn’t greasy at all
  • Seems to last the majority of the day – I tend to reapply after working out though
  • Not going to lie, I also really like their label

What I dislike

  • Doesn’t glide on as well as I’d like (I obviously have a thing with my deodorant gliding on well)
  • Leaves a bit of white residue, which can create a little clumpiness. I usually just give it a little wipe down and it’s fine

Where you can find it

Online, many health food stores, Whole Foods & Target.


Weleda Citrus

The reason why I bought this product is because sometimes you need a super quick spritz while on the go, especially as a personal trainer, and it’s easy to keep on you. Out of the 4 products I have right now, this product ranks last for me although I do have a lot of love for this brand.

What I love

  • Super quick and easy to use
  • Certified Natural and use only a few ingredients
  • Has a really refreshing zesty smell that’s quite invigorating
  • This product maintains skin’s natural detoxification process
  •  Free from antiperspirants including aluminum salts, synthetic preservatives or fragrances, colorants and raw materials derived from mineral oils

What I dislike

  • I don’t find that it’s great for a daily use, I personally don’t think it lasts very long. For me, this product is more of a quick refresher than a daily deodorant
  • It also pushes the 15 dollar mark, so it is quite expensive for how little I use it

Where you can find it

Online, most health stores, and Whole Foods.


What to expect when making the switch

  • Some people do not notice anything when they switch to natural deodorant, which is great if so!
  • However, I know for myself and others have reported that you almost go through an “underarm detox.”
  • Aluminum from traditional antiperspirants clogs up our sweat glands to block sweat from escaping. So during the transition period, you may notice more sweat, odor, and sensitivity as the body releases back-up of bacteria being released via the lymphatic system.
  • But do your best to wait the detox phase out! It is SO worth it. Find the natural deodorant that works best for you. Once you make the switch you will never go back.