Don’t Allow Rituals to Become Ruts



Keep it fresh & don’t allow rituals become ruts.


How does it happen?


Often on our journey in life, we create a set of rituals that we perform in order to achieve our desired optimal state of wellness. But even those routinely habits and patterns can become dull and unproductive and turn into what I like to call “healthy ruts.” For example, doing yoga every day is absolutely heaven for the mind, body, and soul. BUT, if we lose our connection to our practice by not learning from ourselves… it can actually become mundane without even realizing it. Yes, doing yoga is still a healthy ritual and you will see the benefits. But are you still growing in your practice? or are you just moving your body and going through the motions. If a ritual has become mundane and we have lost our connection to it, it is likely still helping us to become healthy, but you might but stuck on your journey to achievingΒ an optimal state of wellness.


What can we do about it?


Simple. Stay mindful and connected to your rituals and the purpose behind them. Β How do we stay mindful and connected?

  • Simply bring an awareness back into the chosen ritual or,
  • Take a set ritual to the next level and challenge yourself or,
  • Completely change up the ritual and take it up a notch!


Even when we are rocking at taking care of our health and wellness, It’s important not to become complacent and forgot our reason for doing the ritual in the first place. What if you’re new to creating a routine full of healthy rituals? This totally applies to you too!


To sum it up here’s 3 main things to focus on:

  • Choose purposeful habits/rituals that support a healthy lifestyle
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Check in every now and again to see if you’re still growing or if you’re just stuck in a “healthy rut”


Let’s get our grow on,