Coconut Oil


C O C O N U T  O I L – for all my coconut lovers out there.

This past week there has been a hot debate over coconut oil as the American Heart Association deemed it as an unhealthy source of fat, comparing it to other saturated fats like beef fat. Yes, coconut oil is saturated fat. However, unlike beef fat, coconut oil is abundant in medium-chain triglycerides and are easily digestible. Research tells us that along with many other amazing health benefits, MCT oil can actually reduce both obesity and arteriosclerosis (two main risk factors for heart disease).

With all of the recent coconut oil lovin’… I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that their recommendation of switching to other unsaturated fats such as “soybean, canola, and corn oil” may come from the fact that one of their sponsors is one of the leading producers of genetically engineered seeds on the planet. Whose main products include corn, soybean, and canola. Catch my drift?

Doing your own research is important. Understanding who sponsors the companies/associations who provide research is even more important. That goes with anything.

If you’re confused and want to keep it super simple, here are some tips of the trade.

  • Avoid excessive consumption.
  • Avoid overly processed and highly refined foods.
  • Choose to eat mostly real whole foods, preferably organic.
  • Eat a diet rich in plants (because you can’t go wrong with all the veg).
  • Drinks tons of water.
  • Lastly, listen to your body. You’re in charge of what goes into it. And if you want to jump on the coconut oil train, the choice is yours.

Stay empowered and informed.