How I Spend Time In Self-Love

(When your golden latte looks like a disseminating moon.)

Self-care is different for everyone. For myself, self-care is time spent in solitude. Solitude can feel either amazingly rejuvenating or it can feel really isolating. In order to avoid that yucky isolation feeling, while we are in solitude, it’s important to practice self-awareness. Noticing if we feel a sense of loneliness or darkness and knowing when it’s time to surround ourselves with the people we love.

It’s also about how we choose to spend that time. When I spend way too long scrolling my phone or something similar, I never leave feeling very inspired. When I use my time in solitude to do things that I love… things that light me up on the inside, it leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to rock!

I’ll practice yoga, hit the gym, go for walks by the sea or in the mountains, stir up new healthy recipes, read a good book, learn something new (currently working on my handstands!), and make yummy golden lattes..or matcha lattes. Both are hard to resist. YUM.

When I take time for myself to grow as both a human and spiritual being, I am stronger in what I believe and in my values. I am able to give more to my work, create deeper and more meaningful relationships and function optimally in life.

Solitude spent in light and expansion is time worth taking.

Show yourself a little love,